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City of ..something

I picked up City of Heros earlier today. I've installed it, but when I tried to create a character, the avatar was really dark and had a bunch of clear places where there were probably supposed to be shadows. I've sent an email to the tech support, they wrote back and asked me to do some DirectX tests and send the results to them. So I've done that, and now I'm waiting for a response. I suppose I could theoretically try to just play, but I'd like to set my character appearance up and it's hard to do it when you can't really see the character very well.

In other news, it's hot. My old AC is pretty much a piece of junk, so I need to pick a new one up. Hopefully I'll do it tomorrow.

In more other news, I picked up some new anime while at the mall. Specifically, the next discs of Witch Hunter Robin, Azumanga Daioh, and Infinite Ryvius. I think it's the newest Ryvius anyways. If it's not, I'll return it for something else I guess.

Let's see, I also should get some sort of Father's Day card or something. Hmm. Yeah.

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