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So I got a response from the CoH support group...


Invisible avatars on character creation?

Discussion Thread
Response (April) - 06/09/2004 06:11 PM
I am sorry to say that your video card is not at minimum spec and is incompatible with the programs graphics.
You will need to talk to your system vendor about upgrading your video to a GeForce 2 or Radeon 8500 or better.
Let us know if we can help you further.


That's fairly difficult for a laptop, considering the video card is usually part of the motherboard, I think. =+P

Then again, this laptop seems to have problems with stuff like Warcraft III, I guess maybe it's just
not really useful for more "modern" PC games. This gives me cause to revisit my old idea of building
a gaming PC, much like Mike did.. I'd be able to upgrade the parts much more easily, I'd think, with
a reasonable tower.

Oh well, anyways.. Jim beat me yesterday at MNG, but today I was up by 3 strokes at the end of 9 holes.
And actually, Bill didn't really play that slowly either, we almost could have gone a full 18.

Update: screenshots of how an "underpowered" graphics card works..

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