bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Chapter 2 (10min j)

Question words

doko - where
nan / nani - what * either of these can be applicable
dare - who
naze - why
itsu - when
doo / ikaga - how * generally will use "doo"
ikura - how much
ikutsu - how many


Nihon - Japan
Nihongo - Japanese (language)
Eigo - English (language)
tango - word(s)
sarada - salad
ressha - train
basu - bus
toire - bathroom
takushii - taxi


desu - to be
kimasu - to arrive


to - and
no - indicates possesion
ka - indicates a question
wa - indicates following word is the subject

"Free words"

airon - iron
aisu hokkee - ice hockey
aisu kuriimu - ice cream
aisu sukeeto - ice skate
Amerika - America

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