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Ruminations in the bathroom

It's sort of odd, that thing where you tend to think more while you're taking a shower. Or, well, at least that applies to some people, anyways.

I was thinking about something the other day, and thought it'd be cool to write it down in the journal, but I've since kind of forgotten the mood it came from, and while I can still sort of remember the base concept, it just doesn't seem as solid.

I think I was sort of riffing on the concept of how everyone is their own world (is *in* their own world, sure, but they also are the world they are in). Behaviors which are acceptable in certain worlds are taboo in others. Looking at something in a certain way for some people isn't possible, because their world simply doesn't contain that point of view.

Hmm, whatever I was thinking about, it wasn't really that.. but it was something like that.

Heh, as an aside, I've been listening to the Shoutcast station Club 977 tonight, and for the last four or five hours it's displayed the current song as "Eddie Grant, Electric Avenue". Now, that song was indeed played back then, but it's been stuck that way ever since. So, right now there's some Huey Lewis song playing, but it's still Eddie Grant..

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