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A good evening

I woke up around 4:40pm, talked to Jim at 5:30 or so.

Around 6, he and Amanda arrived, I had just gotten out of the shower.

By 7:10 or so we had made it to FuGaKyu. This is a fancy Japanese restaurant, the portions aren't especially huge, and the prices are a little steep, but the atmosphere is super, and the quality of the food is excellent. It's all presented well, with artful designs as much a part of the meal as the food itself.

This was the second time I'd visited, the first was with Liz, Geoff, Maggie, and maybe Mason? I want to say it was during the '93 Anime Boston, but the first night he didn't arrive because he was doing something with Tina, or something.. I think. So I don't recall if he was there or not. Anyways..

The first time I'd gotten this dish called "Miso Yaki" which is a Chilean Sea Bass cooked and served with an interesting sauce. This second visit, I decided to go with the same dish, as Jim and Amanda were both getting something else.

I also chose an appetizer, I believe it was "Tora Karaage". Basically it was little chunks of chicken in sort of a tempura, but also with black pepper and seasoning. It was pretty tasty.

We finally left the restaurant around 10:30pm. (It had taken perhaps half an hour before seating. After the meal was complete, the waiter was a bit slow to get the check to us.)

On the ride in, and obviously out, we took the Red Line from Wollaston to the Green Line. If you take the C Train on the Green line, that runs down Brighton Ave, which is where the restaurant is located. You can get off at the fourth or fifth stop once the C Train branches off.. either stop will put you to one side or the other of the restaurant, and it's a brief walk after that.

About the only down note for the evening was that, when I stepped out the front door at one point, I basically stepped on the side of my foot. I know it turned fully sideways, and I could feel/hear a sort of crunching sound, but I was supporting my weight with my hand on the door handle, so I think that actually saved me a lot of pain. It hurt quite a bit right at the moment and for a minute or two afterwards, but after that it hasn't been too bad. I can definitely feel it, I imagine I wrenched some tendons or cartilage or something, but at least it's not bruised and swollen, as it would be if I had completely fallen to the ground.


In previous news, I went over a pothole in Cambridge last week and my tailpipe became loose. I took it to a Midas on Tuesday, with dad and Rachel. They checked it out, didn't find any leaks, and apparently I'd simply jarred loose whatever hook holds the muffler up, so they re-attached that and didn't charge me anything. That was kinda cool.

I finally broke down and bought the next few discs of Kiddy Grade (or, as Bill would say.. Kiddy Ride.. because he can't read, or something.) As I expected, the series takes a turn for a more serious plot arc, with Eclair and Lumiere as rogues that will have to fight their former teammates. There were a few little things here and there which were questionable, plot-wise, but as long as you can disconnect your brain a bit, the show is a fairly enjoyable popcorn action series. I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised at the level of fan service, though. It's not *quite* on the same level as Najica (and, really, that's hardly a fair comparison, since Najica has fan service in virtually every second of every scene). Still though, female characters tend to have bouncy breasts, and there are lots of panty shots.. Basically, the show is a little bit like Bubblegum Crisis, but BGC got by with interesting characters, a decent plot, and good action. It didn't really need the fan service, and it didn't use much. I dunno, maybe it's simply that fan service has become more popular, and so it's more prevalent in anime in general, but many of my favorite shows are my favorites for characters, or plots, not for the density of curves and bulges per scene.

Finally, last night I watched Ichi the Killer with Jim and Bill. It's a fairly fucked up movie. A hell of a lot of people get killed, and quite a few of those lose limbs and worse. In some ways, it was fairly spectacular, as far as a bloodbath goes, but the ending was a little bit mystifying. Certain people died, but not neccesarily in the manner in which they were shown to have died (because the person(s) dying apparently were either imagining what happened or something....) I dunno, it's based on a manga, and I guess it's often the case that things based on manga will have soso endings, since the manga itself might not have ended yet.

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