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Meh, I just woke up. Well, my arms and head are functional anyways. My brain is still half anesthetised by whatever chemicals generate sleep, though.

Hmm, I had some dream. Someone was part of this game, think The Most Dangerous kind. But one of the people involved in setting it up was a judge. I pictured seeing that judge in his robes, looking small, in front of another judge at a bench. The other judge was like, huge, as was his bench. There was more to this, I think, but the details are slipping from my head already.

Anyways, the huge judge was scolding the other one for having this person that worked in the office killed. I thought the person was a woman, but later I went home with a friend .. hm no, I had a gun, and *I* was a woman (like Misato or something), and I made this other woman (more of a girl really) bring me home because I knew she was actually hiding the person that was supposed to have been killed.

Once we got there, though, the hiding person was there, as was the girl's parents, and I was a friend of the girl, probably I was myself at that point. I think the target was also a guy and he was a friend of mine. There was this weird thing that was like made of wood and had a glass window, it was broadly cylindrical for a few feet, then it sloped up to a more narrowly cylindrical area. There was a hatch underneath that my friend could open, so he could hide in the contraption.

The rest of the dream was more or less just chatting with these people while worrying that I wasn't caught up on my homework.

Homework not being ready is a common theme in dreams for me. It's usually a high school setting, but I imagine it has something to do with my college performance.

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