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The Dance of Angels

Damn, I had this great mood for a few minutes about writing something, but it spent itself before I could reach the computer. Oh well, let's see if I can summon the muse back to myself.


The Dance of Angels

Out in the heavens,
far past the moon,
the Angels do dance,
and twirl, and swoon.

They soar through the heavens,
to get to the ball,
their wings are aglitter,
and ensure they don't fall.

The Red Wings a-blazing,
with heat on display,
they dance to a salsa,
and then tango away.

The Blue Wings a-flowing,
with elegant grace,
they waltz with great dignity,
so far out in space.

The White Wings a-glowing,
with dazzling charm,
The moves they do dazzle,
but never cause harm.

But what of the Black Wings?
Are they dancing too,
with angels whose wings,
are White, Red, and Blue?

No love for the angels,
with wings that are Black,
for those are the Fallen,
they can never come back.

But I'll tell you a secret,
just between us two,
the black wing'ed angels,
they are me and you.

And we still do our dance,
on this little Earth.
The Moon keeps us company,
gives us Lunatics mirth.

Our wings have been hidden,
but please have no fear.
A person can fly,
for what they hold dear.

The Angels in heaven,
they do frolic and play.
But down here on Earth,
is where I like to stay.


Ok, so that came out alright for writing without much feeling of inspiration. It's an odd thing, I read the HES log fully for the first time tonight, and it struck me that people dance around each other, and with each other, and that we can only control so much of what happens. The time, the tempo, and so on and so forth, the band plays that. It's a matter of finding people dancing to the right band, with the right skill, and at the right speed.

I had to use the bathroom, and that's when the muse struck (naturally). At first I thought about writing something on the dance of the people, but then this idea of angels popped in to my head. But of course it ended up taking a while, and by the time I was done, my excitement (mental! *bonk) had dissapated. I really need to get to sleep for the run to Harmonix today, so I'm not going to even edit it, though I'd dearly like to, because I'm sure I could make some stuff fit and flow better. Anyways, comments would be most dearly appreciated. =+)

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