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Anime Aplenty

Friday I ended up doing two things before heading to work. Well, three, if you count waking up, I guess.

First, I went and saw Shrek 2. I went alone, but that's ok. It just meant that there was less production involved in gathering people and getting them there on time, and all that. The movie itself was good. There were quite a number of both overt and subtle references and puns on various things. I thought the best part was when Puss made the super-kawaii face, both times.

Then, after that, I went to Suncoast, and they had crap as far as new titles. So I went to Best Buy, and they had everything I was looking for, and more. I ended up getting R.O.D. the TV disc 1 w/ box, Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat disc 1, Magical Play (Mahou Yuugi), Texhnolyze disc 2, Tokyo Godfathers, and a complete Steel Angel Kurumi collection.

Over the weekend I've managed to watch most of that, aside from the Steel Angel Kurumi collection. It's all been fairly decent so far.

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