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I remember now..

I used to play Sojourn, and there'd be 100 people on, and I'd be looking for a group, and no one would want to group or do anything. So I'd be there alone. Bored.

That's a little bit what it feels like lately. Basically, I've been trying to finish this annoying-as-hell quest to get a good ring, but while most of the elements aligned themselves for me for most of the way, the last few pieces have been elusive for a while now. And when something loads that I need, someone else usually jumps in and snags it. So, yeah. Frustrated. Plus, my clan has like 11 members, 2 of which are active, including myself. And one guy that logs in once a week or so.

This is the other odd thing though. I still sit there. I'm doing nothing at all, just sort of hoping that the item or mob I need will magically appear for me, or someone will invite me to do something. I have PS2 games that want playing, and anime that wants watching, but I sit at the keyboard of my laptop, staring at the mud, waiting for something to happen. And *that* is sort of annoying too.

Most likely boring stuff. Look! A pink word!

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