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Freaky Friday

So, I had a dream that um.... well.. it was weird. Somehow, it was related to Blair Witch. But, like.. there was this sort of ghost pair of women, one of which may have been the witch, and then there was this guy who was the murderer, and he was somehow supernatural as well. But, there were actually four of those guys. And they were all different. Most of them were leading lines of ghostly children, who all were holding hands in a chain. And the murderer was leading them in to the cellar to meet their end. But like, I was viewing this, and the beings were there, but somehow I wasn't in danger, because of.. I dunno. I had a kinship with them, or else I simply wasn't on their target list, or something.. There was one point in the dream when I was living with the women, and it was sort of uneasy, because I knew they were prone to violence, but nothing ever really happened. So, yeah. Tense and creepy, but that's more or less it. Well, one of the four murderers was truly dangerous, but I don't recall how that was any more.

Anyways, it's been vaguely busy tonight. Indeed, it's been busier tonight than it had been in the last three weeks or so. This means I had to do three things tonight. It's sort of sad, really, but after having done three things, I feel like I've ran a marathon. Not so much physically, as mentally. This shift has drained a lot out of me, I guess.

I ended up playing some Amplitude, and then some Frequency, before going to work. My skill level was a very mixed bag. I set a new record on a couple songs, but I failed a lot of songs, even ones that I had previously been fairly familiar with. Such is the way of lack of practice, I guess.

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