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I've been listening to yet another new station on Shoutcast. This time it's an all-comedy channel. They have little "pay us" blurbs every so often, and they repeat tracks occasionally (well, I think so far it's been the comic telling the same joke framed with different, more, less stuff around it).

News from this past week..

I went to Harmonix on Wednesday with Jim. We did some focus testing for Anti-Grav. Unfortunately, having signed an NDA I can't really say much else. In a non-specific to the game manner, though, I'll say the trip was fun. A few weeks ago I was up there with Jim for testing on something else, but I'm not sure if I can even say what that was about.

I finally watched the second disc of GTO. I need to watch the next three.. I sorta had a hard time at first because it had been so long that I didn't remember much of what had gone on.

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