bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Chapter 4 (10min j)

Objects in a room

heya - room
ranpu - lamp
sofaa - sofa
isu - chair
kaapetto - carpet
teeburu - table
doa - door
tokei - clock
kaaten - curtain
denwa - telephone
e - picture

Location word

soko - there


shosai - office
furoba / yokushitsu - bathroom
daidokoro - kitchen
shinshitsu - bedroom
dainingu - dining room
ima - living room
shako / gareeji - garage
chikashitsu - basement

General words

mono - things
ie - house
jidoosha / kuruma - car
ootobai - motorcycle
jitensha - bicycle
neko - cat
inu - dog
niwa - garden
hana - flower
posuto - mailbox
yuubin - mail
atarashii - new

"Free words"

badominton - badminton
banana - banana
basu - bus (repeat of ch. 2)
basukettobooru - basketball
bataa - butter
batterii - battery
beddo - bed
beekon - bacon
beesubooru - baseball
biifusuteeki - beefsteak
biiru - beer
bijinesuman - businessman
bitamin - vitamin
botan - button
bureeki - brake

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