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Anime Overflowing

Well.. four new discs tonight anyways. I've watched three. Hmm, I need to call in my work hours, and then perhaps I'll watch the fourth.

First I watched Kiddy Grade disc 5 with Bill. He's dyslexic.. among other things.. so he can't really watch it subbed. The KG dub is pretty strange, one of the characters that is clearly a woman has a fairly male voice. But the plot was good anyways. Well, the last episode on the disc seemed a little.. hasty? I mean, I suspect smoke and mirrors as far as certain things that happened, but other things were glossed over a little too much. But, despite that, it was a good disc.

Then I half watched the next disc of Tenchi Muyo GXP. It was mostly for Bill's benefit, since I've already seen the series, but it was good, and I'd seen it a couple years ago as HKs which were poorly subbed, so it's nice to see certain things explained in English makes the cent sit's a bomb >From them.

Finally, Bill finished off his viewing by watching a bit more Steel Angel Kurumi. I'd watched the rest of the series last night, so again it was a half (or less) viewing for me. (Half viewing means that I'm mostly web surfing or mudding or something on my laptop.)

We come to the disc I just finished watching, the most recent Initial D. It's sort of a funny series. The art work can be fairly terrible sometimes. Like..... the artist probably has a style that might work in manga form, but the eyes and lips just look comical more than life-like, which is what I think they were sorta aiming for. However, the story is quite good. Well, I guess I'll qualify. The story is fairly predictable.. the main character is simply an unbeatable street racer. The fact that he'll win every race is mostly unquestionable. The fact that everyone will be surprised that he wins is something that will continue to occur, until he actually takes a race which looks favorable (and which, following cookie cutter plot guidelines, will be either extremely difficult or the race he loses.) However, the way all the characters react nevertheless allows one to get a charge out of his skill. I felt happy and even a bit warm inside, after seeing how everyone was so amazed at his skill, and so on, and so forth. Clearly, he's a super skilled driver, and most people just don't know it yet, and I guess there's something to watching someone you know can win, who does win, despite almost no one else expecting him to. Or maybe it's just the thrill of seeing someone that's truly one of the best at something they do. And, yes, it's cartoons, the characters are fictional, and whether he's skilled is really a contrivance of the artist, but the series still allows for that suspense of disbelief. Anyways, that probably sounded like a fairly breathless fanboy review of the series, but when something is enjoyable, I can't see pretending that it's lame just because it "isn't cool". I could rant about that sort of BS, but that's not the point here.

I do have one more title to watch, which is disc 3 of Azumanga Daioh. Once I've done my hours, I think I'll finish up with that.

There's one series I really want the next disc for, and that's Witch Hunter Robin. There's something about the series which has charmed me. The characters might have some formula to them, as well, but despite that, it's a world I wouldn't mind living in. Of course, I'd have to be Robin, since virtually every other witch would be in danger of capture or destruction.

As one little final rant, my cable modem is still pissing me off. The reason I haven't called the cable company yet is because the outages are spotty, and it'd be hard to say which of a number of components are failing. It could be the wire. It could be the modem. It could be my wiring. I really don't know. I suspect the modem itself is having problems though. This is evidenced by the fact that, last night, it had a new symptom. The front lights were blinking, and there was no link light on the ethernet port (which goes to my computer.) I tried different ethernet, I tried hooking the ethernet up to my laptop, but the link light would only blink on and then off.. actually it was blinking on and off in a pattern for a while. Then for a while it simply wasn't coming on at all. I was sort of happy, because I could clearly point to this and say that the modem was defective. I'd resolved to stay up and call the company in a couple hours (at the time it was 5am or so, and my parents would be up soon.) So, of course, around then it decided to magically heal itself. "What? Ethernet? Oh yes, I can talk out of that, sure, no problem." Great. Anyways, I still think I might call the company and have them replace the thing, especially if I can catch it crapping out during daylight hours.

Welp, time to do my stuff, and watch some other stuff. =+)

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