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Happy Birthday to me

Well, it was actually August 2nd, but I'm lazy.

Mom and Dad took me out to eat at Outback last night. Was pretty good. Then we hit Best Buy and they bought a Wolf's Rain box, the RahXephon movie w/ box, and a limited edition version of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Overall, pretty good.


In cable-modem tribulation land, it's actually been sort of behaving. Sort of. I'd basically come to expect that at least once a night over the weekend I'd lose connection the house, but last weekend it actually never dropped. Usually my cable modem sits on the floor next to my computer desk, but lately I've had it sitting on the desk instead of on the floor. However, now it's decided to fuck up in a new way. If I hit a site which downloads a lot of text, or graphics, or something, the cable modem chokes. It loses signal. But then it immediately comes back up. So if I just wait a minute, whatever page I want to see will eventually download the data, it's just that like the initial rush is confusing it.


Anyways, I need to take a shower. Jim is gonna head over in a few minutes, and then we're headed to NYAJs.

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