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The last handfull of lunar cycles in review

Sunday, my parents went down to Pennsylvania to pick up Maggie, who had gone down there to visit with Liz. They were supposed to be gone till Thursday, but they were back on Tuesday. I was actually sorta pissed, because I'd been looking forward to X amount of days with no one around, to let off some steam in the emptiness, but then they were back and the steam I had ready to let go had to be capped, so it caused some pressure. And I'm not talking about anything extraordinary with my "steam" metaphor, I'm simply referring to the fact that I'd have a few days where I could do whatever I wanted, be that simply lying around on the couch or going out somewhere, and no one else would be around, asking me where I was going or whatever. This is definitely one of those things that people would look back at and say they miss it, in some manner, but just right now I find it a little irksome that I can't simply go somewhere without first taking the time to say where that is. Sure, it only takes a second or two, but there are times when it would require some amount of minutes to explain properly, and I just don't feel like it. I should also point out that it's not as though I actually have to always explain where I'm going or anything, there's no "rule" that I'm under. My family is just curious where I'm off to. It just gets annoying some days, and other days I couldn't care one way or another.

Hmm, anyways, I didn't mean to rant, I meant to give some updates to the things which have happened this week.

Tuesday, before my family got home, my PC case arrived. I was sleeping, so the FedEx guy just dropped it off at the front door. I picked it up in my underwear.

Yesterday I ordered some parts to go IN the case. I bought an AMD/ATX motherboard, with 3 RAM slots, 2 SATA ports, and uh, other stuff. I ordered an AMD Athlon XP 3200+ or something, which is 2.2gHz. I ordered one stick of one GB of RAM, muahaa. I ordered a 250GB SATA HDD. This was all from Newegg. Fairly soon thereafter I got the email that my order had been processed, so that's cool. Hopefully I'll get the parts fairly soon. Mike pointed out I might need to buy a CPU fan. I'm sure there will be various cables that I'll have to get. All told, though, I've spent about 800$ for a system which should be fairly upgradable, and that should be strong enough to play most anything I put on it. Of course, there's one more part that's gonna be expensive... the video card. I'm thinking I ought to go fairly high on the product line, because why skimp on what is essentially the most important part of a gaming system?

Later in the evening, Jim and Amanda stopped by. We played some Vice City and some MNG4. Jim was trying to find the last Unique Jump on my save of Vice City, but he'd been having no luck. The day before, I'd fired up the game from a clean start and went jump hunting for ones that didn't seem to want to stick, despite appearing to have been landed reasonably. There was one that's in an alley, with a longish set of stairs.. that one took like three or four tries to make stick. So, when he was playing, he eventually handed off to me. I tried a couple other ones, and then that jump. I landed what looked to be reasonably, but I knew from before that it, in fact, didn't count. So I tried again, got good speed and a good arc, and *bam* Unique Jump Complete. Heh, so we'd been fucking around with all these weird, tricky, difficult jumps, and it ended up being one jump that LOOKS like it's not that hard to land. On top of that, I distinctly remember trying to complete that jump one day, and that I'd had difficulty with it, but I had *thought* that I'd landed it. Perhaps I didn't save?

Jumping back to Tuesday, I went to Best Buy and picked up the last Witch Hunter Robin and Infinite Ryvius disc. I usually watch anime when it's like 2am, but I've been sleeping around then the last couple days, so I haven't yet given them a viewing. I'll make an update with my thoughts whenever it happens that I do.

One last thought.. the song that was playing when I started writing this entry is called "Harebrained Scheme". Not Hairbrained. I always thought it was hairbrained, like your brain wasn't functioning because your hair had grown in to it, and replaced it. If you're harebrained, I guess you'd be thinking about sex.. and well, there is something to that interpretation, in relation to the lyrics of the song.. so I dunno. Either it's a strange typo, or perhaps it's a clever song title, and my thinking is too uptight about this whole case.

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