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Change the world

So my PC parts arrived yesterday morning. After mild deliberation I decided to sleep before the "fun".

In fact, I've been looking forward to this, while at the same time feeling a small amount of dread. On the one hand, I've brought together a decent number of high quality parts. On the other hand, it's not like my room is "clean" by any standard, electrostatic included. Plus, I felt as though I could get ham handed and destroy a component. My old PCs have always been sort of medium end, so replacement parts wouldn't be hard to get, nor expensive. With higher cost shit, though, there's a bigger potential to lose if you break something. Anyways..

I woke up, and immediately started prepping stuff. I took my case apart and took the mother board out of the box, but left it in the plastic. I was tempted to start there, but I didn't have an anti-static strap, and I was damned if I was going to burn out my components for lack of a cheap but important item. So, off to the store for that, and at the same time to pick up what else I needed.

I had ordered a motherboard, ram, a hdd, and a cpu. I needed a video card, a CD drive (DVD actually), and (ugh) a stand alone copy of Windows. Of all the components I bought, none was expensive as the Windows CD. Fuckin' stupid really, but oh well.

So, it took me a good four hours, but I took all the seperate pieces and crammed them in to the case. The CPU was a bitch, and I was worried that I'd damaged it or the motherboard. The heat sink has this latch which holds it on, but the physics necessary to get it to stay, while keeping in mind that everything is delicate.. it was rough. Ultimately, though, the machine kicked over, and I was able to install Windows, and then City of Heroes.

The part which took the longest was actually thinking of the name of the system (this was after the four hour assembly.) I kicked around various thoughts.. Arcanum, Kakumei, Balthazar, Melchior, Navi, Nerv, tenshi, possibly others.

Eventually I settled on the name which had three significant meanings:
It's related to Dance Dance Revolution,
it's related to Revolutionary Girl Utena,
and this is my first high end system, which is actually fairly revolutionary for me.

Therefore, I christened my system Kakumei, which is Japanese for Revolution.

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