bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

New PC = Good

My new computer runs just fine. In fact, it runs quite good really.

Bill commented on how he'd never seen graphics like that before on a system. I think at least part of this is that I intentionally built a high-end system, where in the past computers that I and my friends had have been reasonably strong but generally mid-packish.

The other reason is that he pretty much always deals in hand-out parts and components that are as cheap as possible.

Now, I know that sniping is bad and all, but it's just bothersome that he can spend roughly 95% of the five hours we hung out yesterday talking about computer parts. I *just* built a system. I think I have at least a moderate grasp of computer parts. Apparently I don't, though, because I was hearing about it for most of last night. What was especially frustrating is that he was talking cheap, and one of the major points of building Kakumei was for change: to have a system that I spent a chunk of money on, but that I could then take and match to any application (game) and say, "Yes, I can run this, and pretty well to boot." I really don't give a fuck that RAM was bound to PCI bus speeds at some point in the past, if that's even true. I don't give a fuck that systems were slowed down because of on board graphics cards. My system doesn't have either of those qualities. Not only is some of the information questionable, but every single last piece of it is trivial and irrelevant.

I picked up Doom 3, and I have to admit that the graphics are spectacular. While I haven't gotten far enough in to the game to comment on it's actual "game" quality, I'm excited by the prospects of both multi-player and the fact that games will some day look even better. Now, I realize that the bundled multi-player is reported to be rather emaciated at best, but I firmly believe that the modding community will be able to assist in bolstering this shortcoming.

I also installed City of Heroes on Kakumei. If you dig back some number of posts, you'll see a link to what my laptop was able to do with the graphics. I'm happy to report that Kakumei has no such problems. While there will be moments of choppiness, they are brief and very infrequent. Otherwise, the graphics are clear, clean, and smooth. I've created an Electricity Blaster on the Virtue server, by the name of Electrum Arcane. He's a mere level 10 at the moment, but I expect that I'll be able to get him higher over the next number of weeks. Ironically, Mike was the one that petitioned me to get a new system so I could play with him, and now he has classes and such. So I'm basically soloing for the most part. I was part of a group earlier, and it was pretty fun though.

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