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Infinite Ryvius

I finally got around to watching the last disc of Infinite Ryvius. I have to admit that it was a decent series. The overall art quality wasn't great, but it was serviceable. The characters and the threads woven between them were all pretty interesting. Without too much spoiling, I'll say that the ending was fairly satisfying, though there were a couple threads or events which seemed to be forgotten or incomplete.


For my weekly update, Wednesday I brought my Cobalt Flux to Jim's place. It turns out he'd gotten a CF himself (a newer model, even), and a connecting piece. We threw the pads together and attempted a bit of two player action. Sadly, my energy levels are complete crap, so I couldn't even get through MAX300 (that was the third song we played). I really need to work out more so I can uh.. more easily work out more. 70 pounds, that's what I'd like to lose. Anyways.

Thursday I played some City of Heroes with Mike. We started a little late, as I had been on a Task Force which was just finishing. Then, his system kept freezing on zone loads and stuff, which apparently never happens. Fairly annoying really. We ended up grouping for three or four levels, which isn't too long when you're low level. Oh well, next time we'll make it longer and better.

Tuesday I actually got.. well.. buzzed, sort of drunk. I wasn't slurring or anything, but I was rather giggly and then after about half an hour crashed on the couch and passed out. Actually, let me start again. Tuesday Bill and Jim were over, we played some Half Life. I hadn't eaten much during the day (Oreos mostly, I think), then Jim had some peanuts while we were playing and I ate some of those. Then I broke out the vodka and had one shot of that, and then mixed a couple White Russians. Basically, the lack of food and the reasonable size of the inital shot of vodka had me sort of feeling like I was falling out of my body. Then there was the giddyness and such as mentioned above. It was close to the end of the night, and Jim was going to leave soon, so the crashing half an hour later was because it was pretty much time for people to leave anyways. Woke up with a bit of a cloudy head and a headache, but I took a couple Tylenol and it seemed to be ok.

Hmm, what else. Monday. I think Hot Shots Golf 4 must have come out on Monday. Jim and I picked up copies. Wait, no, that was when I picked up Doom 3. I forget what happened on Monday, I think it was more or less just whatever I'd usually do. Oh yeah, I slept in and then played CoH for a while.

I wrote to Mason a few weeks ago saying I wanted to give him his CDs and books back. He wrote back saying sure, any time. Naturally I've been so damned lazy that I haven't dropped them off yet. The first step, I guess, would be to gather them. Then it'd be a fairly simple matter to drive them over to his place.

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