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A rare Saturday update. The honor. The privilege! Ok, I'll shut up now.

Actually no, I'll talk at great length about the trivialities which fill my time.

Let's see, this week Jim and Bill were over a couple nights. We played some Half Life, and some Starcraft. The first night Jim was kicking everyone's ass. The next couple nights I was doing better. One map, Crossfire, I'm actually pretty good in. Jim blames my overuse of the Gluon gun, but from a person that will use the crossbow so heavily, I'm not too concerned about the jab.

We played some Starcraft vs. the computer one night, and the other night we played one game of player vs player melee. We would have played more, but Bill's PC took about an hour and a half to get running. Apparently when it was moved, the CPU, ram, and various PCI cards came a bit loose. I'd actually offered to let him use Tsukikage, but around the time we were going to give it to him, he'd gotten his machine to "work". That was after like an hour of prodding. Then he took another half an hour to actually get the thing in to a reasonable game playing state.

Thursday night I also saw Hero. It was fairly decent. It reminded me of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It was a bit different though. They made excellent use of colors. The action had sort of a fantasy feel to it. Of course, there was a reason for that, but I won't go further in explaining it.

I picked up Star Ocean: Until the End of Time on Thursday as well. I played a bit of it Thursday night, and a bit more before coming to work today. Rather than using the sprites of the first game, it uses 3D models, but they're still sort of animeish in appearance. They look fairly decent. The plot seems like it will take place on multiple planets, rather than just the one planet (sorta) of the first one. I won't be able to review it properly until I've gotten much further in to it, but it seems pretty good so far.

Let's see, I guess that about covers it. Oh, I picked up a book at Waldenbooks before coming to work last night. It's called "The Mocking Program". It was ok, but nothing especially stellar. It was a cyberpunk type story, sort of like the Gibson world, except rather than having a strong Japanese vibe, it was more of a Mex/Spanish vibe. That's probably part of it's downfall, namely, I like Japanese stuff, but Spanish stuff barely makes it on to my radar.

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