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Chapter 5 (10min j)

Numbers (Bangoo / Kazu)

zero / rei - zero
ichi - one
ni - two
san - three
yon / shi - four
go - five
roku - six
nana / shichi - seven
hachi - eight
kyuu / ku - nine
juu - ten
juuichi, juuni - eleven, twelve, etc
nijuu - twenty

Counting words

bai - glasses (drink container type)

Variation of question word

Nan - also can mean "how many?"


hagaki - postcard
kitte - stamp
kippu - ticket
kotae - answer
peeji - page

"Free words"

channeru - channel
chekku - check (to verify, not a money "cheque")
chesu - chess
chikin - chicken
chiizu - cheese
daiyamondo - diamond
dekoreeshon - decoration
demo - demonstration
depaato - department store
dezain - design

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