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Of matters great and small

I've had a small problem over the last couple weeks, but naturally it wasn't so pressing that it needed much attention.

Over my bed is a sky light, basically a window in the roof. A couple weeks ago, when I got home for work, there were ants on my bed. Not just a couple, but more like thirty or so. At the time I just used a vaccuum cleaner to suck them up, no problem. Then I noticed that there was a small swarm of ants above my head, crawling around in the sky light near one corner. From what I can tell, the wood in that corner doesn't quite touch, so they can just crawl from their presumed nest in the roof to my room.

Again, they weren't coming out in great quantities, and sucking up a wave seemed to end the problem. That was a couple weeks ago, and that seemed to be the end of it. Over the last couple nights, however, a great swarm (and corresponding rain) of ants has erupted from my sky light. I destroyed a few waves on Wednesday night, but still they fell on me while I was sleeping. Thursday night I destroyed even more, but they didn't stop. I slept for about three hours before waking up. I ended up sleeping in Maggie's bed for the rest of the day. Hopefully Dad will use some sort of RAID bomb on them or something tonight, while I'm at work, but if not, a co-worker suggested moving the bed, which actually isn't a bad idea.

It's sort of strange that a little ant could bother a huge person, but that seems to be the case. They don't bite or anything, but they make the hairs on my arms and legs twitch and they get in to my hair. It seems like about half of them have wings, but they certainly don't seem to be using them to fly.

Oh well. Colorado trip next week. Looking forward to it.

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