March 6th, 2004

Geeky Fuku

Here comes the Sun, it's alright...

Hm, so our company was using Sun a long time ago, but what with it changing names and hands often for a span, we ended up with a support contract with a different company. Now, though, we're back to Sun. Hm, two calls from them tonight already. One was earlier, I guess there's a disk replacement at 9am. But then I'm in the can (I always bring the phone just in case) and for the first time ever, it actually rings. There's a Sun tech out back waiting to be let in. It's 3am! The disk thing is at 9?!?

Well, it turns out there's a memory replacement at 3am. It sucks. Recently, Tier 2 has pretty much stopped informing the DC that techs are gonna be on site. So, like, stores usually close between 9pm and 11pm, so before or during then is when I often get my food. And, of course, the last few weeks techs have been on site some time around then too. Thankfully, they've been brief visits.

This current guy though, he has this really bad attitude. He sees himself as being "pimped out" by his tech support company. He had some other comments as well, but I don't really remember them. Also, I had finished watching I'm Gonna Be An Angel!, but it woulda sucked if he had shown up in the middle of an episode.

As an aside, the show is pretty decent. It's a little bit like OMG, but with a somewhat more Tenchi main character, and um... hm.. well the "angel" girl is like.. a mix of Mihoshi and a really young Excel. (Incredibly thick, very very energetic. But cute, in an innocent way.) Looking forward to the next disc, whenever that comes out.

Oh yeah, next week is gonna be pretty good. Tenchi GXP comes out on Tuesday, along with a bunch of other titles.

Anyways, the tech is doing some sort of slow-assed thing as far as testing the ram or something, guess I'll go check on him now..
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Geeky Fuku


So when 7am rolled around yesterday I was pretty tired, pretty much asleep. Around 7:20 I finally got up, hit the bathroom, and then headed out, but I felt like hell warmed over. When I woke up this morning.. afternoon, whatever.. I felt sorta sick. So anyways, here I am at work, unsure of whether I should bother grabbing food before the good places close. I'm thinking I'll just hang tight and maybe get a bagel later from Dunks.
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