April 1st, 2004

Geeky Fuku

Komiku Paati

I picked up the Comic Party box tonight, after hitting Bertucci's with Jim. Jim and I played a round of Hot Shots, he kicked my ass. I won a game like three runs ago, but the last two have been his, pretty strongly. He took off as Bill arrived. Now Bill and I are watching Comic Party. Of course, I saw it with Mike a couple years ago when I visited him on vacation as an HK. It starts off a little rough, with the main character being dragged in to doing doujinshi, but eventually he gets in to it and the series develops some interesting characters. Of course, Bill liked the first episode. I wonder what he'll think of it when it actually gets good.

I got an email back from my supervisor saying I could take that Sept weekend off, so I guess I should order plane tickets and get a hotel room.. hmm.
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