April 30th, 2004

Geeky Fuku

The long and weary Friday

Nah, I'm just being overly dramatic, but this Friday is the beginning of a work week which doesn't really end till two Sundays from now. I have next Friday off, but other than that I'm working every night this upcoming week. It's cool though, it's just a matter of the low amount of people on staff. People end up having to cover for me on my sucky shift when I take a vacation, so in some respects I'm simply doing something similar to what they'd have to do.

Liz moved out of her apartment last week. She's now down in Pennsylvania, I guess. Friday morning I drove to her apartment and slept there during the day. Then in the evening I helped move some stuff for a couple hours and then I went back to work. I had gotten lost the last time driving to her place (that was like a year or more ago though..). This time I got there in like 10-15 mins. Obviously I had been way off when trying to get there before. It's really not a bad commute. They're looking to get someone to take over the lease for a few more months. It's 1500 a month.. the short commute is nice, but I don't know that I really want to pay that much for the convenience. However, if a decent place were to come to my awareness that was kinda near work for like 500 a month, I'd probably consider it. Back to Liz, I was just part of the moving crew. Mom, Maggie, Rachel (sp?) (a cousin), Dad, and Mason showed up, as well as Jeff's brother.

Overall it was a good crew. I was a little annoyed by Mason though. About an hour before I had to leave for work, while we were in the middle of moving stuff, Liz had Maggie ask around about pizza and what everyone would like. Everyone except Mason had some normal answer, but he instead complained that it was too early. "We won't be able to move stuff as well if our stomachs are full." Or some bullshit like that. I have about 40 different barbs that I'm thinking about which I could throw in here, but I don't think I've thrown any barbs on my journal yet, and frankly it's not time to start. Another thing which was sort of annoying was that Mason was "concerned with Jim and Amanda". Specifically, my parents had asked them if they wanted to help Liz move, and they said they were also moving. Jim and Amanda are moving in together in Fall River. I think it's pretty cool, and I wish them the best of luck. But of course, Mason was worried about them or something. Why? I really don't know. I know Amanda has had a dicey past. Frankly I think Jim is probably worthy enough to handle any shit that comes his way. I think Mason likes Amanda's foster parents, but I found her foster father to be.. hm, I forget exactly, but Mason and he sat there one day conversing about bullshit politic stuff for a while, and neither opinion was one I found myself in agreement with, usually. The mother is Vegan, not sure about the father. I really don't know much about her. I do know that I saw a sticker in their house once that grossed me out for a couple months afterwards though. I think I'm over it now, so I'll type what it said: "Got Pus? Milk does." Fuck that bullshit. Every fucking piece of shit you eat is polluted or corrupted. I'm sure this holy bitch (assuming it was her sticker) knows about the *Federal* regulations for like, insect parts per lbs of flour, rat hair percentage for like hamburger or something.. I mean, what we eat these days isn't what the 50s portrayed it to be. And I bet it was the same in the 50s too, they just had better blinders, or more willingness not to know, or maybe the whole "clean 50s" thing is just propaganda to begin with. The thing I want to know is, what made the Vegan the way she is? Did the other girls pull her skirt down in front of Bobby while he was eating a burger and fries? Did someone mix maggots in with her rice? Them's good protein, though.. Worms in the spaghetti? I dunno. I guess I've thrown a barb here, but I've had this particular rant in me for a long time now, and I guess I needed to get it out. And it's not to say I'm anti-Vegan. I really don't give a shit one way or another about virtually any group. I get extremely irked, however, when any given group has stupid bullshit propaganda they have to push in order to get sheep to join the fold.

Anyways, enough of the anger, back to news.

I ordered Minna no Golf 4 from Play-asia a couple days ago, and I've already gotten an email that it's been shipped. Rock. I should be getting it next week. Fwiw, Minna no Golf is known as Hot Shots Golf in the US. It might surprise some to know I play virtual golf, but I have to admit, it's actually a fun game. You're on these nice greens, the course looks nice, there might be a stream or lake or something.. it's peaceful. And there's some skill involved in golfing well. I've always sort of wanted to try golf irl, but this is nice, because you don't have any insect swarms to avoid, no heavy stuff to lug around, etc etc. Just swing the ball and watch as it lands perfectly or runs afoul. Hot Shots Golf 4 will be released eventually in the US, but there's actually another reason to get Minna no Golf.. they have a different character set. I'll be curious to see what us gaijin are too barbaric to appreciate for golfing characters. ;+)

Finally, I need to make a few purchases still. I'm going to order Utena from Right Stuf, and I'm going to probably order some other anime from them as well. I still need to reserve rooms for NDK. Sorry Mike, I'm a slacker I guess. =+( Well actually I've felt sort of lost without my laptop for a while. I finally got it back this week. It was a good thing, and a bad thing. The good thing is, it seems to be working rather well now. The bad thing is they wiped my hard drive. On my service order, which I had to sign of course, it says they do not ensure the data on the machine, so basically I guess that's that, but it's still a little annoying. I lost my mp3 collection, but I still have a copy of it on my work machine. I'll have to drag my laptop in tonight and suck the music back over. More annoying is my various game progress states are gone. Ultimately a lot of them aren't even really worth anything other than showing "I had completed the game, see?", but in the case of Warcraft III, I had completed that and was going to start working on the expansion, and a relatively decently equipped Sorcerer in Diablo II got blown away. Also, my tax information got blown off, but I'm hoping there will be some way to get that back by re-installing and downloading it from H&R Block, assuming they have a copy on the server side. If it's gone, well.. it's not *terrible* but I'm not sure how much information I'll have should I need it for next year or something.

I think there's probably more I'd thought about saying, but I think I've spent the large part of what I was going to say, so I guess I'll end it here, for now.
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Geeky Fuku


Ok I just phoned the Holiday Inn and reserved the NDK rate for one 2-bed room for Sept 17-18. Now I just gotta print out one of those pre-reg things and fill it out.. I'll do it at work tonight.
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Geeky Fuku

Spee-Dee delivery

Holy shit! My Minna no Golf 4 arrived today. That was um.. damned fast. Of course, it'll be useless to me for a while yet, but still.. hmm. New courses to play and new characters to unlock..
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