September 21st, 2004

Geeky Fuku

Back from the future

I'm back in Massachusetts. I enjoyed my weekend in Colorado. The weather was nice, and worries seemed far away.

I went to Nan Desu Kan with Mike. I picked up a couple cels and a few dougas (?). I've scanned one cel, I'll attempt to link it behind the cut.

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There's more to write about, but for now I'd just like to see if the image loads successfully.
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Geeky Fuku


So my "mood" last night was listless, but really I was just starting to become physically ill.

A bit of soreness in my nasal passages as well as a flood of material in them. A bit of a sore throat. A mildly taut-feeling stomach. Perhaps a low-level burn in my brain. Overall I'm not so bad as to be bed-ridden, but I definitely could be feeling better.

So about 60 IPs hit my cel last night. No one responded to the post, though. I guess I mostly write this stuff for myself, Jim, and Mike, but I've also had experimental posts which are more broadly targetted. From doing some nslookups, it seems as though the IPs belong to personal machines, not spiders. So if you're reading this, feel free to let me know. =+) I won't bite.

Anyways, later I'll scan my other cel and the dougas that I got at Nan Desu Kan. Now, however, it's time for some Tylenol.
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