March 7th, 2005

Geeky Fuku

Cool runnings

This weekend was pretty enjoyable. Friday I had pretty much destroyed my only pair of pants that fit very well, so Saturday I got up early and got a couple new pairs of slacks from Casual Male Big & Tall. They have this "George Foreman" model which has a stretchable waistline, so they fit quite nicely. The style of the legs is pretty decent as well.

After that, I got home and met Jim. We hung out in my room for about fourty minutes and then took off for Rhode Island. We got to Missy's place somewhat early, but not too much. Other people started showing up, eventually maxing out at eight, and from there we played some games. When we first started, we only had seven people, so we were playing Scattergories and Uno. Then, once we got eight people, we did a game of Cranium.

That was fun, and I think now Jim has a better idea of the scope of the game. He had suggested once that he wanted to pick up a copy, but just between he, myself, and Bill, we wouldn't really have enough people. You could theoretically do it with four, but I think that you'd want at least six people for a reasonable amount of fun.

Anyways, we finished up that game and spent the rest of the night playing something called Catch Phrase. Essentially you have a circle with a bunch of words printed on it, and a device that only shows one word at a time. Without saying what the word rhymes with, what it's first letter is, or part of the word, you have to get your teammates to guess what the word (or phrase) is. That was a pretty fun game, although I don't think we were playing certain aspects of it right. If someone had a word they couldn't think of any hints for, they'd just go to the next word. I think properly playing the game would involve sticking with a bad word and either getting some sort of inspiration or losing the round. But despite that, it was still a fun, fast paced and creative sort of game.

I enjoyed Saturday, and I believe Jim did as well (for the most part).

It was a good thing I decided to go on Saturday, because Sunday was a mild wash. There were some of Missy's friends over that hadn't played Magic before, and the plan was that between Missy, myself, and a kid named Peter(er.. Patrick maybe.. some P name) we were going to play Magic and teach the new players. For whatever reason, though, Patrick never showed up. Missy had picked up School of Rock on DVD, so we watched that, and eventually we had a small multiplayer Magic game where we were giving a tutorial to the new players, but that was at 11pm or so and everyone was sort of tired (especially since they had been up late Saturday night as well).

Eventually one of the friends left, and Missy had a deck of tarot cards for the other one. That got us to talking about zodiac signs and such. Missy said to look up "astrolabe" in Google, and that they had a free reading of your signs. I looked it up and got results which can be seen here.

Today I woke up and the weather is mild, and I'm feeling relatively calm and peaceful. The raging electrical fire that's normally swirling in my head after I wake up isn't really there. Feels like sort of a good day.
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