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A week awaking

Vacation this week! =+) =+) Whoopee!!

Thursday evening I'm headed to Colorado. I'll meet Mike at the Denver Airport sometime after 5pm. Then we'll do some stuff (hitting a restraunt, whatever else) and Friday we'll head over to the convention, where we'll stay for the weekend. (It's at a hotel.)

Unfortunately, Jim and I might get together tomorrow, but that'd be it as far as this week goes. I am curious to try Burnout 3, but I have some things to do anyways. I need to pack some clothes, as well as burn some CDs and get some stuff at the mall. I'd like to play CoH or Star Ocean, but I'm trying to get myself to get ready for the trip first.

My ant problem seems to be cleared up. Mom sprayed the sky light, and a bunch of ants fell dead on my bed (she had laid out towels). Ultimately it didn't seem like that many, compared to the waves I vaccuumed. I'm still worried that more could be hiding in the nest, waiting for the next rain storm to flood out again, but for now I'll assume this small tribulation is behind me.

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