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Like ants below me.. above me?

Yep, so today I fly out to Colorado. I'm up pretty early, at least in part because of the travel involved in getting to the airport and checking in early enough. But I was awake about an hour ahead of my alarm clock.

It seems it rained last night, and as is noted in the web page I linked, ants tend to swarm around periods of moisture. So, yep, they're baaaaack. In fact, they really never left in the first place. This morning was rather annoying, because the little buggers were actually biting me, three or four of them. I don't see any welts where they were, so I assume it was more or less just a pinching of the skin more than anything else. But, man, what did they expect, I was some sort of REALLY GIANT potato chip that they could drag back up in to the nest?

In other news, Jim and Bill were over last night. I got to play a decent amount of Burnout 3, and it seems like it'd be worth getting. The crashing is fun, anyways. The racing seems like it might be a little be on the twitchy side, but I'm hoping that some amount of practice will smooth that out.

We played some Half Life when everyone was over. Bill was "really sorry" that he only had a small amount of time and couldn't set up his computer, but I loaned him Tsukikage. Surprise surprise, he said he had an easier time aiming and such. He was saying "gee, Mason and Rich will be really surprised by how well I'm able to aim now". Because your skill improved? No, because you were using modern equipment. Oh well. One last Bill anecdote, around 10:45pm he said he had to leave, since he had a lot of school tomorrow, and he had promised his dad he'd be home by 11pm. Naturally, that lead to him wasting oxygen for the next twenty minutes. Math tells us that's 11:05, which is after 11pm. I finally prodded him out the door, but it was too bad. In reality, I wanted him to stay and play some Starcraft, but he had to "leave" which almost always includes 1-2 hours of talking about nothing. I don't show him to the door any more, since I'm usually comfortable and playing something when he's going to "leave" and I know he'll just have me standing for another hour when I could be doing something productive if I do dare walk downstairs with him.

Update, dad and I took some paneling off of my ceiling and he opened up a hole in the insulation to find the ant problem. It looks like there's a tunnel leading down the roof that ends at my sky light. So I guess the actual nest must be somewhere else, and they're just taking the expressway to .... fucking my skylight, that's nowhere as far as ants are concerned. =+P Well, it's a quick road to death, anyways.

Just about time to leave for Logan. See you in a bit Mike! See everyone else.. sorta.. on Monday.

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