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Yay, so I've hacked up a good amount of crap from my lungs today.

Tomorrow I'm back to work. Hopefully I'll feel healthy enough to go in.

I ended up playing quite a bit of Burnout 3 last night. I've completed a decent percentage of the crash mode stuff. As for racing, I have a GP in the US that I have to complete. I tried a couple times last night, but I kept finishing in third place or so.

I've been reading a series from Robin Hobb called "The Farseers". One of her books is titled "The Golden Fool" and seeing as I call myself something along those lines, I wanted to read the book. However, that book is the second book of a second trilogy, The Tawny Man. The first trilogy is The Farseers.

Anyways, her ideas are interesting, but there's something missing. The characters are all flawed, there is quite a bit of mistrust and deception, and yet at the same time people seem to cling to honor when those that oppose them have none. I guess that makes it sound kind of noble and exciting, but in reality things seem to sort of trot along at a liesurely pace. It's also maddening that the main character suffers from a sort of shame when he should be proud of himself.

I guess in summation, the problem is that people seem to be far too guarded, as though they would rather attempt to live when winning (or potentially losing) is at hand.

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