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Just woke up, after gtting to sleep at like 11:30am or later. I feel like hell. Jim's going to be over soon, I need to eat something and shower.

A fed-ex package arrived at like 9:30am, I was probably about to drift off when mom brought it upstairs. I had ordered some Magic cards, and they had arrived.

I slept for a large part of yesterday as well, after getting to sleep.. some time after noon. Unfortunately, that meant I wasn't able to brush up on the Japanese vocab, so it's been postponed until Friday. I do intend to have it at least mostly in my head by that point. Anyways, need to get up, I guess.

Oh yeah.. the sky is overcast, so it's grey, but the sunset is making it look purple, or something. I hope it's the sunset. If it's the end of the world, it was nice knowing you all! ;+)

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