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I had a nightmare last night. I dreamt that myself and my family were on vacation, possibly in Europe. We were visiting someone who lived in a relatively large house.. could have been a mansion, though a smaller one if so. Anyways, the basic problem in the dream was that there was a spider that was about 5 feet in diameter that was stalking around the place and occasionally killing people. I remember one part in the dream where the spider was outside, and someone actually walked right up to it. It sort of stood up with it's legs on her shoulders and moved it's mandibles around her head, and then went back to normal position, and the person was fine and said "see, she kissed me". I'm pretty sure the spider actually had a name that everyone referred to her as, but I've forgotten what that was.

I know we had called a pest exterminator, but he wasn't going to arrive until Monday (and the dream was on a Saturday). I actually went to a hotel and got myself a room and just slept there, but everyone else seemed content to stay in the place where the spider was. Some small amount of time after that I think people were moving things out of the house, and then I woke up.

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