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Yay work!

So this is the start of my new schedule, sort of.. basically, I'm working this weekend, and then working second shift Monday through Thursday. Then next week I pretty much work Sunday through Thursday. After that it gets weird. See, one guy is leaving our group to work in Tier 2 next week. However, a couple weeks after that, the third shift weekday guy is quitting so he can get married and move to New York. So once he's gone, things have to be stretched even more than they are going to be for a couple weeks. Basically what will happen is that I'll start working Tuesdays through Fridays, and also be covering on Sundays.

My supervisor has said that he already has resumes to review and such, so I'm hoping that we'll get someone hired quickly so he can be trained and then let loose on the boredom that is this job. Once that's done I'll be a full-time second shift worker. In many ways I really prefer the weekend shift, since it has a four-day weekend and less driving. On the other hand, it saps at me both physically and mentally. Second shift should have a more brisk and healthy feeling to it, but I dread both my new commute (3pmish) as well as the fact that it'll be 5 days a week.

Throwing a monkey wrench in to this whole scenario is the pillar welding. Apparently the land lords at the office decided that the pillars supporting the building are insufficient, and so they're welding extra supports in to them. That's fine for most of the office, since it's mostly offices. However, we're a data center. That means we have controlled temperature as well as humidity, dust levels, static levels, etc. Welding in a data center is sort of like a cataclysm waiting to happen. Anyways, they're going to have to be very careful and all that, which means they'll have to go kinda slow. Over the next week (or more?) there are going to be construction workers in the data center, which means I won't even be able to kick back and sleep, since there will be people around. I guess that's kind of a funny gripe, since most people don't come to work to sleep, but then most people don't have my job.

Jim hooked me up with a game called Katamari Damacy (Damashii in Japan). I've completed all the levels (around 780ish meters for the last mission). However, there are a multitude of items to collect in the game, and I only have about 85% of them. So there's still quite a bit of play left in the game, since I need to collect the last pieces (as well as attempt to achieve 100% in the various scavenger hunt levels).

Finally, I also picked up some anime. I still need to watch Wolf's Rain, as well as Key (not to mention GTO, KOR, FY, and possibly other stuff..) I got the first disc of Chrono Crusade, the second disc of GitS:SAC, and the fifth Tenchi Muyo! GXP. Perhaps if the workers leave early enough tonight I'll watch some.

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