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The work dilemma

With the new work schedule, I'm supposed to have this Friday and Saturday off. However, one of my co-workers who is supposed to cover Friday night has a buddy that happens to have Sox tickets. He's a big Sox fan and really wants to go to the game. He asked if I could cover on Friday. Of course, none of the other guys are willing to cover for him, so it falls on me to decide whether he works Friday or goes to see them blow another chance at the World Series.

The points are thus:

My work week started last Friday. It started with three 12 hour shifts, and is ending with four 8 hour shifts. My next week is going to start with a 12 hour shift on Sunday and follow with four 8 hour shifts. If I cover on Friday night, I'll end up only having Saturday off. One day between two 12 hour shifts, and essentially working for almost a straight half-month. Considering I used to work three 12 hour shifts and then have four days off until this week, it's been quite a change. However, it hasn't really been all that bad, what with the shorter work days meaning time to sleep and do stuff before or after work.

Often, when I am on vacation, this co-worker is the one that covers for me. He normally works first shift on week days, and I work weekend nights. But he still is willing to cover those days. This week, when I was supposed to work Sunday from 7-7 and then be back 9 hours later for a 4pm starting shift, he showed up early (5am) so I could leave and have a semi-reasonable amount of sleep. (I have a 1 hour commute so that 9 hours is actually 7 hours or less at home, and with showering, eating, actually getting to sleep, and so on, it would have ended up probably being about 4-5 hours or so.) While he has his personality quirks, he's usually not too obnoxious. He's generally an easy-going, laid back sort of individual.

My thought is basically this:

I will cover for him, if management approves the overtime. What he was proposing was that I work Friday and then he'd cover a Sunday two weeks down the line, and our time sheets would look no different. I've been fairly easy going and undemanding for a long time now, but I just feel like I should be able to mark some pretty hefty overtime down as such.

During the writing of this I called my supervisor and spoke with him. He muddled it over for a bit and then told me that on short notice the overtime couldn't be approved and to let my co-worker know. So I've left him a message. He then called back, and he'll be speaking with my supervisor and possibly our manager as well.

On a good note, it appears that we've already hired two people to fill the empty positions, one of which being an old co-worker by the name of Rudy. I always liked Rudy. He's a short, sorta fat Portugese kid with the attitude of a prankster, but he's one of those jokers that's a big teddy bear. Apparently he'll be taking third shift, which means I'll be handing off my second shift turnovers to him. That'll be pretty cool. I don't know much about the other person that was hired, but I guess it's not anyone I know, which means he'll need more training than Rudy. With that news I actually feel quite a bit better about this whole schedule mess that we're in, since there is already a forseeable horizon to it.

Anyways, there's still the possibility that I could work Friday, depending on whether the Sox fan can wrangle my supervisor or manager in to agreeing that I get paid the overtime. While I've always had a "who cares" attitude towards overtime pay, this would be probably around 20 hours worth, which is a pretty decent little chunk of cash. But if I get Friday off, that works too.

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