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My sleep schedule was sorta screwy this week, but at the moment I actually feel fairly decent. I sorta wanted to go to a Magic thing with Mason on Monday, so I set my alarm for 5pm, and I did wake up around then, but I had gotten to sleep at like 11am, so at that time I was too tired and decided not to go. I just sort of layed in bed, and I figured since I was awake, I'd get up eventally and do something. Well, around 3am after drifting between realms of conciousness, I finally woke up enough to be really alert. So Tuesday started at 3am, after pretty much wasting all of Monday. Tuesday Mason still wanted to play Magic, but Michelle Vadeboncour's father had died this past Sunday and the wake was that evening, from 7-9pm. I swung by the wake, stayed briefly and then kicked off to Grandmaster. I stayed there for an hour and a half or more, chatting with the various inhabitants and watching a Battletech game. I got home, made myself some food, at a bit after 10pm I went to sleep. I woke up again at like 3:30am yesterday with an urgent bathroom visit. I figured I'd go back to sleep after that, but instead I ended up staying awake. The evening schedule included net gaming at my house, but Mason wanted to change the plans to include an extra person, and to have it at his house instead. Plus, Jim wanted to go to NYAJ to eat, and for some reason Mason did not. Of course, Mason still wanted to play Magic, so he came to my house at like 3pm to play (??). Then Jim stopped by at 5:30 and we went to eat, sans Mason. I was exceptionally tired and my stomach was having a small rebellion, but being in the restaraunt got me a bit hungry, so I was able to eat a bit. I had this Portabello sandwich that tasted kinda funny. Well, a bit less than half of it really. The waitress was fairly bad, too. We'd had her before, and I think the pattern was more or less the same. She seemed to ignore us for a very long time before we ordered. Then there were other things that she seemed less than aware of at times as well. She did, however, refill my drink without even having visited the table to see that it was empty, so somehow she was paying attention in certain respects. Anyways, 7:15pm or so we leave the restaraunt and head to Mason's. We're the first to arrive. Rich, the new guy, who plays Magic at Scholars' as well, didn't realize exactly where in Middleboro Mason was, so he was about 20 minutes late. Bill showed up some amount of time afterwards. We had a pretty good session of Half Life, with Jim dominating as per usual and the rest of us fighting amongst each other for second place. I will admit that I'm pretty much the second place player and have been for a while, but it's hard to say if Mason would be a closer match if his laptop wasn't old and slow. Jim and I leave at like 1:20am, and if I was a betting man I would have guessed I'd wake up during the night to throw up, since my stomach had been uneasy pretty much all day. But, instead, I sleep until about noon today, wake up, and here I am. Today feels fairly decent, we'll see how it goes.

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