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Last evening, about half a mile from work, I nailed a pothole and immediately it was obvious that the tire had ruptured. I ended up "rimming" it to the office, checked around, and didn't see anything real close that would be open long enough to get my car in and out and that was relatively close. So, long story short, I swapped my spare on at the end of my shift and drove home. This morning I woke up around 11am and hit a Firestone place on rt.44 which I'd been to before, and which seemed to do reasonable work. After a roughly two and a half hour wait, and two hundred bucks changing hands (electronically), I'm back on the road and things feel decent enough.

As an aside, it seems like my thermostat is probably busted, since my oil temperature guage doesn't move much, and my heat basically doesn't get very hot, even after an hour of driving. This place could have fixed it, but I had to leave before they would have gotten the part in, so I'll probably have to get it fixed tomorrow.

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