bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Just a (late) post wishing that everyone (had) a good Christmas and that everyone's New Year will be fruitful.

Unfortunately for me, I'm starting the new year by working for about two straight weeks... whee!

I'd have to say that my current second shift schedule suits me much better than the third shift weekend schedule did. I'd been feeling extremely tired and weak for a while now, but with my shorter shifts (which don't extend over the whole night) I find that I have more energy to do things. There's still some charcoal crust on me yet, but I'm still quite a bit less burnt out than before.

For Christmas I got a nice black coat which covers most of my body. It's not exactly a trench coat, I want to call it a "duster" but I think my parents had some other name for it. Anyways, it has a double flap which buttons down the front, and it has a small shoulder cloak for extra rain protection.

I got a few other things - a couple frames for my cells from NDK, a Chrono Crusade manga and disc 2, a pair of leather gloves, and a hat of some sort (a stetson maybe?) I haven't done too much with the hat yet, since I don't tend to wear hats in general.. But it might be useful for if I ever cut my hair. I've already read the manga and watched the anime. The gloves are good.

Uh, I'm sure there was other stuff, but it's simply not coming to me right now. Oh, I actually got a gift card from Mason.. I should get something for him (not to mention returning his books and CDs..)

That's about it for now!

Happy Holidays!

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