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The Anime Revue

It's been so long since I've watched anime. Ironically, when I get home, either I'm sleeping, Jim is over, or I'm playing WoW (sometimes all of those in various combinations!), and so I've watched a bit of anime at work over the last couple days, since that's where I have the free time.

A couple days ago I watched Tsukihime disc 1. This is a three disc series, about 12 episodes, so you can expect a few things. First of all, plot development is probably going to be a mixture of sparseness and abrupt, huge shifts. Secondly, characters might have some dimensionality, but they are likely going to be limited. Third, it will probably seem like it's over far too soon.. almost before it had begun.

There is another factor to consider before watching Tsukihime. It, like Kanon, was originally a dating sim, which was converted in to an anime. This brings another set of baggage, such as: limited information and time/memory gaps for the main character, lots and lots of varying females that he interacts with, the eventual "pairing" of him with one of the characters.

Tsukihime disc 1 seems to fit in relatively well with the formulas described above. I found the character designs to be fairly high quality. The art work itself seemed to be spread out, with some clean and crisp moments, but also some definite muddy and low quality shots.

Of all the (female) characters, there seems to be a fairly strong connection so far between the main character and Arcuied (sounds like ark-wade or arquaid). Perhaps that's just my perception, because I like the hair color and design they've given her, though.

Just from the first disc, the series looks like it will be relatively average fare. Of course, I sort of thought that about Kanon, but the end raised my opinion, so it's possible that Tsukihime could become more highly rated as well.


I've just finished watching the rest of Kiddy Grade (discs 7 and 8) today.

I don't completely recall what I said before, but I (still?) think there was a little too much tits and ass in the show. One final negative comment is that the plot writers used many cliched techniques for showing off which character was more powerful than the other, etc.. Having said that, the show was a fairly fun watch, overall, even if the threads were a little bit tangled (and loose, at the same time) at the end.

I've made my commentary on the shows (Tsukihime and Kiddy Grade) fairly spoiler-free, so feel free to take a look.

Tonight I'm working an extended shift (until 4am) to cover for someone that's on vacation (last night and the night before, two other different people were in, but no one would cover tonight, so my supervisor is coming in at 4 to relieve me). Unfortunately, there's scheduled work at midnight, so I probably won't be able to use the whole night to watch anime, but I plan to try to get through a couple more discs anyways.

I have all three discs of Aquarian Age to watch, as well as two discs of Technolyze and one of Initial D. Right at this moment I'm considering Technolyze, but I might end up watching Initial D instead.

First, I have to finish up this post.

Till next time.... (which might still be tonight...)

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