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The week and the week end

I finally got around to watching the first disc of Aquarian Age earlier this week (after work, so that night I didn't play any WoW). The first thing I noticed when I opened the DVD case was that there was an ad stuck inside for the Aquarian Age CCG. This sort of colored my viewing a little bit, since in the context of this being a vehicle for a CCG, one can sort of understand and expect certain things. Anyways, the first five episodes were fairly good. The art quality and character design are both rather good, aside from the sort of fuzzy (nondescript) appearance the lead male has, and the fact that you can't really see the female lead's hair without thinking Sailor Moon.. I'm hoping to watch the second disc tonight.

As for the weekend, I was invited down to a gaming night at Missy's place on Saturday. I'm not sure how much I've spoken of her in the past, but I know I haven't mentioned her in some time. As a little background, a co-worker and friend (Joe) introduced me to a MUD called Necromium. After I'd been there a year or so, a new character called Sairyss started playing, and as time went on it was learned that she was an anime fan and lived in Rhode Island. Eventually we (Missy and I) met at the Providence Place mall (with her friend, that also plays on the MUD), just to meet and hang out. After that, Joe and I went to her house once to play Magic, and the last time we saw each other was going to Salem with friends for Halloween a couple years ago. She had mentioned coming to a gaming night when Joe and I were at her place, but since I was working a weekend shift at the time, nothing much came of it. We've chatted on AIM sporadically over time, but I really hadn't seen her on line much until a month ago, when she asked if I'd want to come down to a gaming night. So, that's where I'll be this Saturday. I'm not sure of the exact plans, but depending on how late it runs it's possible I might stay over night, or I might just drive back home.

So that's what's going on lately.

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