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Thingstuffs and goings on

The party Saturday night was fun. I had to print out a fresh copy of the directions, since they were lost when I was looking for them, and that ended up taking a few hoops to jump through. I took off about half an hour late, but when I got there people were still arriving, so it was all good.

We started off by playing Uno, and then had about a two-hour session of Cranium. Basically, Cranium is sort of like Trivial Persuit, but instead of just knowing facts, you have to know facts, be able to spell well, draw, sing, and act. By then it was midnight, and a few of the people had already left. We played a few other games but with less people there was less energy in playing them. Eventually, around 2:30am Joe and I took off (in seperate cars).

Missy said that there would be another party this weekend. However, there's also a Magic pre-release for Betrayers of Kamigawa that Joe and I will be attending midnight Friday night. I'm sort of leaning towards going out Friday night and then resting for the weekend, even though I would like to attend the next party. Also, today I got an email from my manager asking if I could come in at 1pm on Friday and leave when the third shift guy shows up. Since that fits in nicely with my plans for the Magic thing, it was just a little extra touch supporting the option.

I finished up Aquarian Age yesterday. Overall the series wasn't precisely stunning, but the plot was workable and the art and animation were generally quite good, and it didn't have any super-depressing elements like Utena or RahXephon. Overall I'd say slightly above average, and possibly worth a viewing.

Lastly, I guess my parents are going to be signing up for some sort of cellular Family Plan type deal. I'd been thinking about getting a cell for a while, so I'm actually looking forward to this. I sort of have a sense of not having a solid location to find me at, other than IM maybe, but with a cell people can reach me if need be, and I can talk to them if I feel like it.

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