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Sunday Morning Brunch

Let's see, it's technically Monday morning, but it's the Sunday shift. If you wanted to stretch it even more out of shape, it's actually Night, and it's somewhere between Lunch and End of Shift. Anyways..

I saw an episode of the Outer Limits on the Sci-Fi channel last night. It was about a scientist who created a time machine, but was destroyed by a number of stumbles. In fact, I guess you could take the second part of that sentence and apply it to most of the Outer Limits type shows.. s/he was noble, naieve, greedy, underhanded, etc, and on the cusp of their greatest achievement.. when the cracks started to show. That's the problem with that series, is that you can almost always expect a Bad End for the "hero". Specifically regarding this episode, though, they actually sort of trivialized the "time paradox" issue, which I have difficulty with. Essentially, the "time paradox" involves changing your own past.. therefore negating your ability to travel back in time to negate your own past. Both Terminator and Back To The Future deal with the issue, with different outcomes, but at least they had high quality actors and/or special effects to go with the story. Outer Limits goes with about a 7$ budget and a plot that someone coughed on a napkin. I guess it's safe to say I was somewhat underwhelmed by the episode.

In other news, I picked up a bunch of anime a couple days ago. I got the 4th disc of GitS:SAC without having the third disc yet, but I want to find the limited edition disc if I can... and actually, the stores that I checked didn't even have the non-limited edition copies for some reason. I also got the next two discs of Wolf's Rain, the last two discs of Azumanga Daioh, the next disc of Chrno Crusade, and the next disc of R.O.D. the TV. So far I've watched disc 5 of Azumanga tonight. It's a good series. While I wouldn't neccesarily take the hype about how hilarious it is at face value, it still has a lot of substance just in it's little nuances and it's characters. I hope to finish off the series tonight, though I may switch it up a bit.. just because.

As a side note, I've been developing a theory about anime lately. I picture one of those graphs where lines stick out radially from a central point and then lines are drawn between them to represent the values. In this case, there would be three lines, and there is a value limit where the sum of most anime won't exceed it. This means that you can have two really strong values and a weak one, one super strong value and two weakish ones, etc. As I see it, the values are: Animation Quality, Character Design Quality, and Plot Quality. I suppose Plot Quality could also be broken in to two parts, with Characterization Quality being the other half. Well, it's a work in progress anyways. I guess what I'm trying to say is that most series that I've watched lately will generally be strong in one or two arms, but then lacking in the other aspects. Azumanga actually has a relatively balanced level of all facets, but the animation and characterization definitely take precedence over the plot (of which, there tends to be fairly little.) That's not really a slam on Azumanga though, I do enjoy watching it, I'm just being fair in my assessment of it.

In regards to Anime Boston, Maggie and I have filled out the forms and hopefully we'll get them mailed out tomorrow. I just checked the web site for the hotel today, and apparently they are out of two bed bedrooms, which leaves me with a dilemma. I see there as being a few options.. one, I could get a room with a single King sized bed, and we could bring an inflatable mattress. Two, we could look for a different hotel. Three, we could see if there's some sort of waiting list for the two bed bedrooms. Four, I could get two seperate rooms. I'd probably lean towards option one, myself, but I need to discuss it with Maggie and such to see what they think.

Ah yes, to cap off the night, a technician just arrived that I've dealt with before, and who I didn't care for much the first time he arrived. So far he isn't showing signs that he's going to be much better to deal with tonight, but at least he'll probably be sitting in the data center for most of the work. Unfortunately, he said to the Tier 2 guy that he's probably going to be here for a couple hours... which pretty much sucks a lot of the joy I gained from watching Azumanga out the window. Well... actually Azumanga is such a happy series that it's hard to suck the joy out completely, but I guess it does dampen my prospects for entertainment a bit anyways.

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