bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

Hotel rooms have been reserved

When I tried to reserve the two-bed room the other night, I had selected "non-smoking" as one of the options. I was going to order a single-bed room but for the hell of it I chose "no preference" with the smoking option, and sure enough there were some two-bed rooms available. I don't think the smoking selection will matter too much, so I've placed a reservation on one of those two-bed rooms.

In other news, I had last Friday and this Friday off, in trade for covering the weekend night shift on Sunday. Naturally work has been busy this week, when on Monday I had worked 12 hours, drove 2 hours, slept 4 hours before getting back to work again... I'd rant about the lack of organization regarding workflow and communication, but I'm already tired of the subject. I guess I'll just say, I hope we get our heads all pointing in the right direction, with "sunlight shining on them", if we're going to actually have work.. or else just let us go back to sleep.

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