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Lucky Bastard

Well, after umpteen thousand miles, some of them with snow on the road, I finally lost control of the car last night (it was snowing).

The good news is, I wasn't injured, and as far as I can tell, neither was the car (too much).

The problem was, it was snowing lightly.. but people around here like to race snails at the first sign of any sort of precipitation. The middle and exit lanes were relatively clear, but the passing lane had a thin layer of snow. I was passing a car and was attempting to get back in to the middle lane, when the car spun (360 degrees or more), fortunately it went in the *other* direction from traffic (back through the passing lane in to the snow on the side of the road). I kicked up a lot of snow and eventually came to a sudden halt, presumably against the guard rail. But no, I was able to move forward a foot and then hop out of my car.. and it didn't look like I had really touched it at all (I was close though). I'm guessing the snow piled up enough against my tires that it simply became a sort of wall and stopped me. Anyways, there are a couple gashes in the top of my rear fender, and the hatch of my hatch back is dinged up somewhat, but other than that it seemed like it was driving ok.

This all happened somewhere slightly south of the Pike (I-90) which is still about 45 miles from my home, and I made it back ok last night.. Today I'm going in to work, presumably for all of three hours. I really sort of wish I could just take the day off, but instead I guess I'll take it as an experiment to see uh.. if I die in traffic or something.

Wish me luck!

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