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Holes in the road, and more winter cleaning

Just a quick entry, since we're in the middle of cleaning my room.

Friday coming in to the office, I hit another pot hole in a different place. This time, I didn't get any immediate sensation that I had blown a tire. However, when I left work for the night, my rear passenger side tire was flat. So that sucked. After spinning out in the snow and blowing a tire within two days, I'd prefer to give up driving for a bit. =+P

The other thing is that Jim is over, and we're working on cleaning up my room, as mentioned above. We're going to be rearranging furniture and such, and a couple of my computers are going to be shutting down for a while, including Kakumei. So I'll be offline for a while, but I'll update once we're complete.

See you all then!

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