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Dust bunnies of the world unite

So Jim came over, and eventually Bill too, and we cleaned my room a bit. Well.. in some ways, we sort of destroyed my room (if you were to see it now), but it's like having to break a bone to let it heal properly. I had a massage table against a wall, and some computers were on it, with extra junk underneath. We cleared it off and moved it out of the room, and moved my bed against the wall where it was (we also moved a bookcase).

The problem, for anyone that's never been in my room, is that my room tends to generate a prodigious amount of dust. We swept and vaccuumed up a lot of dust, but there was still much more floating in the air or irritating our nostrils, etc. We had some windows open and that helped, but when I went to bed I had closed them, and it took a while since my nose was itchy and my skin was sore (dust can give me a rash). Anyways, the center of the room is now almost completely open, so that's a good thing. I'm hoping that tonight I'll be able to leave work early so I can get things a bit more orderly.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wake up fast enough to get my tire repaired, so I drove Mom's car to work. My goal is to get to sleep early and do it tomorrow... I don't have 100% confidence that I'll pull it off, but I can hope anyways.....

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