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Tales from the Dreammare Forest

I had sort of an interesting dream, but it was actually two parts and I only remember the second half. I know both parts essentially had to do with people that were searching for other people, but I can't really remember the specifics of the first part. Of the second part, I recall only one scene clearly..

Basically, I recall one of the characters having a katana, and there being an oversized wood-chopping axe that he also carried. He stuck the katana in the ground and ran his finger and thumb down the blade, and then rubbed the blood from that on the handle.

I think this character was heading off to look for someone, and I was someone else that was there, maybe a friend. I picture sort of a house in a grassy area inside of a forest (the grassy area is clear for say 200 yards so the sun was shining through). I recall there being some sort of evil force holding someone dear to this person, but that's about it.

Hmm, writing this I just had a flashback to the first part of the dream. I believe there was an evil person, perhaps a mage of some sort or maybe a human-looking demonic type, who was in this maze like area. There were a group of people in the area who were working towards doing something in a chamber, but the evil entity had managed to dispose of many of them. Hmm, it's still fairly vague, I can get sort of glimpses of it, but the cinematic flow of the images isn't coming to me.


Anyways, I slept only soso (kept waking and looking at the clock) and eventually got up when my alarm went off. I showered and ate some cereal and went to Sears. Hung out for a while at the mall and eventually checked back. Turns out I had a couple small nails in my tire, they repaired it and mounted it for free. I had initially bought that tire from Sears, so I imagine it was probably covered under some sort of warantee or something. So that was cool.

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