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It's sorta funny, I've been listening to some of my older albums lately, including Siamese Dream, Metallica, and Antichrist Superstar. Listening to Marilyn Manson sort of reminds me of the days past, when I didn't give a shit about as much. It's weird, looking at my musical tastes since then, and my attitude. In a way, I'm actually unbalanced, since I tend to try to move toward the positive. A truly balanced approach will accept that there is negative as well.

I wasn't born with enough middle fingers.

It's also sort of amusing to look at the lyrics to cryptorchid and see that they sort of correlate to my computers. I have Kona which is a Sun box (Sun is like IBM, a manufacturer), I have Tsukikage which means Moonshadow, and I have Kakumei which means Revolution. I also have Geo, the earth, but that's just a side detail. The lyrics to cryptorchid:

Prick your finger, it is done,
The moon has now eclipsed the sun (tsukikage, kona)
The angel has spread it's wings
The time has come for better things (kakumei)

Last Friday Maggie and I went and saw Constantine. It was a relatively decent action flick, although it was slow at times, and Keanu was well.. Keanu. It's sort of weird to think that a sort of bland and stiff actor could be a popular action hero, but then I think of Kevin Costner in his version of Robin Hood, and suddenly it makes a bit more sense. Or, at least there's a precedent for it, anyways. But anyways, I'd give Constantine a reasonable rating.. if you're in to sci-fi or comic book type movies, leave your expectations at the door and give it a whirl. You'll probably like it.

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