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It's weird, sorta, but perhaps it isn't. I was watching Tenchi GXP with Bill last night, and for some reason that series just makes me really happy. I suppose one can be "realistic" and say that, lacking a girlfriend, the thought of having a Tenchi-style harem would be exciting, but the thing is.. there's sort of a love there that's non-sexual, it's just about being with good friends and supporting each other in whatever they do. Of course, the girls actually do show sexually predatory behaviours, but Tenchi (or Seina in GXP) is somewhat innocent and seems to value the friendship more than the raunchiness.

By comparison, one of the happiest times I've had was when I first started working at Genuity, and for a year or two afterwards, because I was part of a varied and good team of people. Sure, there was some friction or infighting, but it's hard to have flavor in a group of people if everyone is a clone. Now I basically work on a team of me.. and me.. and uh sometimes a couple other guys, but mostly just me. And that's no fun.

Of course, this is the dilemma I face when I interview for work, when they ask Generic Question 42b subsection L: "Are you a team player or an individual achiever?" My real answer is.. yes.

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