bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

B.O.D The TV

I've been watching the ROD TV series.. I have to admit that I don't like it quite as much as the OAV. At least one major problem stems from the fact that they took a perfectly good, nerd-style porn film (smart lead female, loves books, doesn't notice self appearance), and had to go and make it in to a thing that the common man could wank to. To wit, the fan service, which I didn't hardly notice in the OAV, has become a focal point in the TV series.

I admit that I might be something of a prude, but basically I just don't find it neccesary, enjoyable, funny, etc, that random anime women have large breasts and/or tight pants. Sure, Ryoko has a form-fitting suit, but the sunlight doesn't gleam off of her curves regularly, and she doesn't hang her shirt down in front of the camera just for titilation. ..well, maybe for Tenchi, but.. eh, anyways.

Yomiko Readman was a perfectly attractive woman, but the TV series producers felt the need to inflate, or at least draw more attention to, her bust size. I guess it's one of those things.. some people care about the shape of a person's mind.. and some people care about the shape of a person's body. I'd put myself largely in the former side, but the TV series was made to please the latter side. That's not to say that it's a bad series overall.. but.. I guess, in my opinion, it's just not needed.

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