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Wednesday, day of wednes

I ordered a bunch of anime from Right Stuf, and some of it came in yesterday. A few of the items had to be back ordered (mostly the ones that they had fairly large savings on). My order included FLCL, Tsukihime, Sugar, and Tenshi ni Narumon.

I went to work and my boss was in. He usually doesn't care if I'm sitting around web surfing, but to be safe I've never had any anime lying around. I don't think he'd really care all that much, as long as I do what work happens to come in, but I guess I'm just paranoid. Anyways, last night the work came in. I had brought in a disc of Texhnolyze, Tsukihime, and Wolf's Rain, but I wasn't able to watch any of them. Initially I was just hacking around on the MUD, and I had gotten invited to a group. This group ended up taking a few hours (a zone was "invaded" which means a bunch of rare mobs with rare equipment were running around in it). Normally this would have been fine.. there's a lot of good invasion equipment and I wouldn't have minded getting a piece, but it was as though some sort of kharma was working against me.

One of the problems with having single coverage is the dreaded "double call". If someone is on the main line, our phone system will forward the phone to a different one in the office. Then, I think it forwards it to an answering service. This would be relatively ok if there is double coverage, but when there is single coverage and you hear *both phones ring at the same time* you're sort of screwed, because you have to pick up one, say "hi blah blah hold on", put them down, pick up the other line, find out what they want, and resolve one issue at a time. The problem comes in when you have two different people that want work done that will take 10 minutes or more and they both want your undivided attention. Basically, last night, that happened about once every half an hour. It started just as the invasion group got rolling, naturally. In fact, right before the group got rolling, I stepped out to get some food. In this case, we forward the phone to an office cell phone and take that with us. Naturally, it was wrong of me to expect that I can leave the office, because some motherfucker called as I was getting my food. Then, as I got back to the office, the cleaning guy was just walking up to the door. So clearly my getting food was not at the right time for the convenience of the fuckers that need me to be in the data center. And it just got worse.

Really, part of the problem was that I had one guy calling for most of the night, and then had other people with things they wanted me to do that would tend to call at about *the same second* as this thumb twiddling up his ass type was calling. A long time ago (a couple weeks) we had these servers that were supposed to be handed off to the customer. From what I can tell, we're still provisioning them (provisioning = setting up the hardware, os etc, the stuff to get the server ready to hand it to the customer). Normally when I get a call these days, it's to power cycle a unit or something, which usually takes a minute at most and I can get on with wasting more of the company's time. What this guy wanted, though, was for me to flash some hardware, which involved putting a floppy in, having him dick around for a while to get the data on, power cycling the box and running the flash software. Natuarlly, he got the wrong software the first time, further extending the process by a half an hour or more and wasting more time with me afk from the group on the mud.

Ultimately we completed the work and, naturally, that was about the time the group ended. I had been running back and forth frantically.. push a button on the server, go back and cast a few spells, put the floppy in, go back and memorize spells, etc. However by the end I felt I had probably idled through most of the group, so I didn't ask for any equipment and immediately logged off. By this point, the third shift guy had arrived and he, thankfully, took some stupid bullshit call that probably would have made me even more pissed. Basically he had to check the wiring on a router, and then explain to a couple different people that the wiring tested fine and that, after moving the cable to different ports on the switch, it was probably something on the router's end. Beyond that, the rest of the night was quiet (his shift starts two hours before mine technically ends, though on quiet nights I can take off when he arrives if I want to).

For an "outside the situation" observation, I suppose it might be sort of odd to some people that I would value time on a fictional game with no real "purpose" in life, over doing my job. And I agree that, in the mentality of an upright corporate citizen, my priorities are somewhat inverted. However, in the mentality of a data center operator that's been around for five years, has been through layoffs, has been one of the best and smartest workers on the team, and only has been able to keep my job as a reward, I'd say I probably have some amount of justification for my rebellion.

Also, this was sort of a chain event. This guy has been calling and wasting huge amounts of time on this server for the last couple weeks. Additionally, Monday night I logged in to the MUD after getting home from work, and I was invited to a group that did a zone I've never been in before. I was excited to see the zone and what equipment came from it. Naturally, my cable modem decided it wasn't going to send packets about halfway through the zone.. so a force kept me from doing something I wanted to do Monday night, and then one worked similarly Tuesday evening. We'll see how today turns out....

To finish the story, I got home last night after having driven at between 80 and 85mph (usually I go 70-75). I poured myself a glass of this stuff called "iichigo" which is a Japanese barley wine. I popped in Tenshi ni Narumon, drank the iichigo, and felt alright. When the series first starts out, Noelle seems to be sort of a hyper-happy but annoying character. After watching 12 episodes, however, it's hard to find her annoying, since she's nearly harmless, extremely happy, and she somehow gets things to work out in an oddly right way. I just hope Synch Point will get a fire under their ass to finish the series, rather than the one disc a year schedule they've been working from so far...

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