bakapyrite (bakapyrite) wrote,

When it rains, Smokey sings

So, New England winters.. In a sense you could probably attribute this latest post to spring, since it was a heavy rain, but this particular span of a few months has been fucking unbelievable. Monday night, I was driving home during the previously mentioned downpour, when what should happen? Another pot hole, another flat tire? Well, sort of. In this particular instance, I was driving on 95 rather than some back road near work, so the pot hole was bigger and/or I was going faster. So not only do I get to replace yet another tire, but I also bent the rim which needs to be replaced too! Woohoo. Tuesday I was too damned tired to get up early enough to do anything, so I just borrowed Dad's truck to drive to work. Today I went to a Firestone, and they could replace the tire... but they'd have to order the rim, which would be between 3-4 days. So I went to a Ford down the road.. well they don't have the rim, but they'll have it tomorrow. So I ended up having Mom drop off her Bug for me to use, and Nana was going to pick her up, and which I really appreciated. So... I think the other half of my Right Stuf order should have arrived today.. and hopefully tomorrow my car will be ready. We'll see.

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